Feb 112019

Growing up I had a stepsister, and she was an absolute nightmare. She would throw the most ridiculous fits just to get her way. When she couldn’t force you to do her bidding, she would try to manipulate you. If that wouldn’t do, she would downright lie about you. Whatever it took for her to get whatever she wanted. With age, she only got worse. When she started getting hormones, she became a next level slut. I heard rumors about her sleeping with everyone at school. She was an attractive chick, so I wasn’t surprised.

What did shock me, was when she turned her attention to me. She started meeting me when I got out of the shower. I’d walk into my room, and she’d be on my bed masturbating. How much can a teenage boy be expected to take? If this kind of action turns you on, then you should take advantage of this lifetime 49% discount to Bratty Sis. This site is sure to satisfy all of your taboo porn fantasies.

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