Hookup Sites

There are a lot of free hookups available out there that have a lot of hype going for them. They have very fat budgets and it seems that everybody and anybody is talking about them. Well, you might want to look past the hype. Just because a website is popular doesn’t necessarily mean that website will work for you. This, of course, applies to all types of websites. But this is especially true for adult dating sites.

If you are wondering whether a hookup site is worth joining or not, pay attention to the level of hype. In many cases, if the hype is just too much, that’s a red flag. In fact, if there is so much smoke promotion-wise regarding a company, this should tip you off that something is not right.

Affiliate Hype Is Not Real

Let’s put it this way. There are a lot of people on the internet who get paid to promote certain websites. This is definitely true regarding adult dating sites. The more they promote these websites, the more people would join. Guess what happens when people join. That’s right. Those affiliates get paid a commission.

The problem with the affiliate marketing model is that the affiliate doesn’t really have your best interest in mind. They will say anything and do anything just to get you to that website. They make lots of promises, and guess what. If the website doesn’t live up to it, you’re still stuck. Why? You joined the website. You’re paying your subscription fee. Do you see how this works?

So stop paying attention to affiliate hype, because it’s not in their best interest to tell the truth.

Beware of a “Padded” User Base

You have to understand that all dating sites, regardless of how awesome or legit they are, face a very fundamental question. Dating sites are only valuable if they have members who live in your area. If you cannot find any local woman on a dating site, then that dating site is, for all intents and purposes, useless to you. Do you see the big picture here?

Not surprisingly, a lot of adult dating sites are basically pushed to create lots of fake profiles to make it appear that they cover your town or city adequately. The hope is that enough real people would join and invite other real people so that they would eventually fill out a particular geographic region. While some adult dating sites are able to successfully do this, most don’t. Not surprisingly, a lot of guys are disappointed when they join a website and they think they have all these hot-looking women who are just simply waiting to fuck them.

Little do they know that these hot women are actually non-existent. Their profiles are written by software, and their pictures are actually outtakes from porn movies. Talk about a bummer. Talk about a let-down. Beware of padded user bases. You’re simply wasting your time with those types of websites.