Tug Pass Promo for Big Savings

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Jan 012019

My high school girlfriend was always horny. She wanted to sneak off and make out at every opportunity. I remember very little about my Sophomore year other than boobs and blue balls.

Things got better during Junior Year. She was a lot more willing to help relieve all my built up cum. She knew she was driving me crazy with all the teasing and getting close then saying no. She still wouldn’t open up her pussy to me, but she was willing to quite literally lend a hand.

As she clung to her virginity out of some weird moral conviction, she was jerking me off almost every where we went. She even kept a small bottle of lube in her backpack specifically for it. She was fascinated with watching me cum.

Every time I watch handjob porn, I think of her and wonder what she’s up to now. I also wonder if the guy she eventually gave it up to has any idea what a horny slut she was before him.

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Teens are for Fapping, Not Dating

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Dec 212018

I know guys that always date younger. They only seem interested in girls who are newly legal and still naive. I’m talking about dudes going after girls that are the same age as their daughters. It’s awkward.

For me, teens are great to fap to, but I have no interest in dating them. That isn’t to say that if an 18-year-old threw herself at me for a one-time, no strings attached romp, I wouldn’t jump right on it. I’d hit it so fucking hard.

But I like dating women with similar interests and who know the bands I reference in conversations. I like women who challenge me in all the right ways, and I love some sexy MILF curves.

Teens are perfect in porn because I get to watch their hot young bods in action without actually having to endure talking to them about a bunch of stuff I don’t care about. I don’t have to listen to them complain about parents, siblings, school, etc.

Teen porn takes me back to when I was a teen. It makes me feel young again and reminds me of what that surge of teen hormones was like.

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