Fakehub Network Female Agent Discount

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Feb 242016


I’ll be honest, I’ve always thought those casting sex videos were all totally fake. I couldn’t believe a girl would fall for all the bullshit that gets told to them, they get promises of being the next big porn star and loads of other crap. Well, sadly enough not all of it is fake, there are girls out there dumb enough to fall for it. I was watching some of the full length videos at FemaleAgent.com just before, it’s good to see a woman in charge of things for a change.

I always tell anyone who wants to join to look around for deals first, it took me like 2 minutes to get 51% off with this discount to Female Agent! Better yet, this is a full network pass, I can access the full Fakehub sites and that makes me very happy. Now I can sit back and enjoy 1000’s of network videos, I can download or stream them in pure 1080p HD!