Open Wide!

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Mar 202019

When asked to open wide then this is not quite the same as at the dentist and Gia is doing a great job here.

Net Video Girls is a smallish network, it consists of 5 sites total and they focus predominantly on one of my absolute favourite genres: amateurs.

First up, you can and should expect that the girls in the scenes aren’t complete amateurs but that is simply never the case with any of the sites that do these amateur feature scenes, especially the casting couch type ones. However, whereas the bulk of the other guys pretty much use rather well established porn stars these guys here use new talents. Gia Vendetti here has not even been in the industry for a year yet at the time I write this and that is kind of cool in its own way.

The reason i like the amateur type stuff is because there is far less acting involved and it isn’t a job or at least not yet. When these girls are moaning it’s because they’re legitimately enjoying it.

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Family Fun with a Genius Vibe

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Jun 262018

What I never expected was the additional entertainment value that Family Strokes brought with the sitcom feel they have created the scenes around. I would never have thought it could work with porn but it actually comes across very well and adds an additional fun and amusement value.

What is also impressive is that it is achieved without diluting the porn value at all, in fact they excel at this level too making the package rather unique and definitely worth throwing a couple of pennies at for a membership deal and the opportunity to access more content on a regular basis.

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They have all kinds of family theme scenes too like holidays. Thanks giving and Christmas are particularly festive events in these step-family households, that’s for sure.

The quality is great, the models are attractive and actually bring some acting skills to the party which aren’t completely lame. Good fun all ’round.

At First I Was Like…

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Apr 192018

When my eyes got caught on this stunning young lady I was sitting here thinking just how lucky she was to be blessed with such incredible looks. It’s not like good looks are completely uncommon and when it comes to the entertainment industry then it is in fact quite abundant but every now and again someone like this beauty comes by that just really does it for me. I’m sure you know what I mean.

It was while I was thinking how fortunate she is when it struck me just how fortunate we are that she’s so openly and freely sharing her beauty with us. If it wasn’t for her free spirit and sexual liberty I would never have had the opportunity to admire her or adjust this raging boner under my desk.

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