Open Wide!

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Mar 202019

When asked to open wide then this is not quite the same as at the dentist and Gia is doing a great job here.

Net Video Girls is a smallish network, it consists of 5 sites total and they focus predominantly on one of my absolute favourite genres: amateurs.

First up, you can and should expect that the girls in the scenes aren’t complete amateurs but that is simply never the case with any of the sites that do these amateur feature scenes, especially the casting couch type ones. However, whereas the bulk of the other guys pretty much use rather well established porn stars these guys here use new talents. Gia Vendetti here has not even been in the industry for a year yet at the time I write this and that is kind of cool in its own way.

The reason i like the amateur type stuff is because there is far less acting involved and it isn’t a job or at least not yet. When these girls are moaning it’s because they’re legitimately enjoying it.

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She Always Gets Her Way

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Feb 112019

Growing up I had a stepsister, and she was an absolute nightmare. She would throw the most ridiculous fits just to get her way. When she couldn’t force you to do her bidding, she would try to manipulate you. If that wouldn’t do, she would downright lie about you. Whatever it took for her to get whatever she wanted. With age, she only got worse. When she started getting hormones, she became a next level slut. I heard rumors about her sleeping with everyone at school. She was an attractive chick, so I wasn’t surprised.

What did shock me, was when she turned her attention to me. She started meeting me when I got out of the shower. I’d walk into my room, and she’d be on my bed masturbating. How much can a teenage boy be expected to take? If this kind of action turns you on, then you should take advantage of this lifetime 49% discount to Bratty Sis. This site is sure to satisfy all of your taboo porn fantasies.

I Like The Bad Girls

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Jan 242019

I’ve always had a thing for bad girls. There’s something about hot teens showing off their wild sides that I can’t get enough of. Right now viewers can take advantage of this Bounty Hunter Porn discount for 72% off, and watch as the hottest teens get busted being bad.

The barely legal babes at this site find themselves being hunted down by the Bounty Hunter. They try to get away, but it’s never to any avail. Once they know they can’t escape, it’s time for them to turn on the charm. They’re very aware of just how sexy their tight bodies are, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to regain their freedom. There’s really no limit to the things they’re willing to do, and I for one, can’t stop watching.

Members will also get to enjoy full access to the entire Nubiles Porn Network. Teacher Fucks Teens, Princess Cum, Moms Teach Sex, and Bad Teens Punished are just a few of the sites you’ll have at your fingertips.


Tug Pass Promo for Big Savings

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Jan 012019

My high school girlfriend was always horny. She wanted to sneak off and make out at every opportunity. I remember very little about my Sophomore year other than boobs and blue balls.

Things got better during Junior Year. She was a lot more willing to help relieve all my built up cum. She knew she was driving me crazy with all the teasing and getting close then saying no. She still wouldn’t open up her pussy to me, but she was willing to quite literally lend a hand.

As she clung to her virginity out of some weird moral conviction, she was jerking me off almost every where we went. She even kept a small bottle of lube in her backpack specifically for it. She was fascinated with watching me cum.

Every time I watch handjob porn, I think of her and wonder what she’s up to now. I also wonder if the guy she eventually gave it up to has any idea what a horny slut she was before him.

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Teens are for Fapping, Not Dating

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Dec 212018

I know guys that always date younger. They only seem interested in girls who are newly legal and still naive. I’m talking about dudes going after girls that are the same age as their daughters. It’s awkward.

For me, teens are great to fap to, but I have no interest in dating them. That isn’t to say that if an 18-year-old threw herself at me for a one-time, no strings attached romp, I wouldn’t jump right on it. I’d hit it so fucking hard.

But I like dating women with similar interests and who know the bands I reference in conversations. I like women who challenge me in all the right ways, and I love some sexy MILF curves.

Teens are perfect in porn because I get to watch their hot young bods in action without actually having to endure talking to them about a bunch of stuff I don’t care about. I don’t have to listen to them complain about parents, siblings, school, etc.

Teen porn takes me back to when I was a teen. It makes me feel young again and reminds me of what that surge of teen hormones was like.

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The Best Education Money Can Buy

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Nov 302018

What man hasn’t fantasized about fucking a chick in a sexy schoolgirl outfit? I know I have many times and it never gets old. This site features the hottest Asian babes that want the best sexual education money can buy. They know about the viewers fantasies and deliver every single time. Right now you can get this lifetime $29 off discount to Schoolgirls HD and watch as your imagination comes to life.

This site is part of the JAV HD network so you’ll get to enjoy full access to all 14+ sites with your membership. They all showcase different niches but have sexy Asian sluts in common. Unlike most Asian porn none of the JAV HD network sites are censored. That means you get crystal clear views of all the best action every single time. With this massive library of Asian porn it’ll take you a lifetime to get through it all. I suggest you take advantage of all your options and see if maybe you might discover a new turn on or two as well.


I Don’t Have Time To Waste

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Nov 212018

When I’m watching porn I don’t have a lot of time to waste. My time is very precious. I have an extremely hectic schedule but I also have a sex drive. It’s tough balancing the two and that’s why I typically end up just watching porn. I have always had a weakness for Asian women. I think they’re the sexiest beings on the planet. I’m obsessed with everything about them. I just wish there were more where I live.

When I found out I could use this deal to save up to 95% at Pussy AV I thought I had hit the jackpot. This is my favorite site out of the entire JAV HD network. Every site features the sexiest Asian sluts, but this one focuses primarily on the pussy. Each of these girls has a pussy so tight they wrap around the lucky guy getting to enter them. If I ever had the chance I would bury my face as deep in that pussy as I could and give her the best orgasm she’s ever had.

Girls Get Golden Showers

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Nov 072018

Pissing was something that I never really thought would turn me on, but after seeing it in a few porn videos, I found myself a fan of watersports. I’m not into all of the stuff I see in pissing porn. I don’t really get the appeal of catching it in containers and drinking it or anything, but I do love watching girls getting showered with a warm stream, and I do like watching babes unleash a similar stream on girlfriends.

VIPissy pretty much has all of the pissing action you could hope for. They have a lot of piss drinking, piss soaking clothes, lesbians playing in pee, and good old fashioned hardcore fucking with urine added in for fun. It’s definitely not the sort of stuff you see on the more mainstream sites, but that is part of what makes it such a delightful treat.

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Make your wish come true only with Caitlin

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Nov 072018

Caitlin kneels on the floor, some incredibly sexy knee high pink socks completing her look in these This Years Model Galleries. She crawls on her hands and knees over the fluffy white carpet, a hand on her breasts, eyes watching strait to the camera, she takes off her sexy transparent bra and flaunts her silky smooth and perfectly round tits.

If you look straight into her eyes you can feel that lust that she has no intention to hide. She’s feeling super horny. She turns us her back so we can see her perfectly shaped ass cheeks, still watching straight to the camera over her shoulder.

Her blue eyes sparkle mesmerisingly and her beautiful long brunette hair twirls as she launches into a some of the most spectacular sexy poses we have ever seen.

Teen Tramps

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Oct 252018

If you’re looking for teen porn you’ve found the best site in the industry. They feature only the hottest of teen tramps. These gals have the freshest, tightest bodies in the industry. Wholesome, innocent faces that hide the true sluts they are. There’s no denying these babes are irresistible. Watch as they make their way through more cock than you can imagine. They invite you to watch as they find pleasure in so many ways.

If you just want to focus on these hot little playthings you’ll find plenty of solo masturbation videos in this massive library. Blondes, brunettes, big tits or small, you’re sure to find the girl to get you going. There’s also plenty blowjobs and threesomes to go through as well. Right now you can get a membership for only $22.95 for 30 days with this All Fine Girls deal. You won’t want to miss a single moment of the best teen porn in the industry. You can go ahead and cancel all your other memberships now.

Look No Further for Tight Teen Pussy

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Oct 072018

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a hot teen girl’s bedroom while she plays with her tight wet pussy, then you need to stop what you’re doing and use this discount link for $20 off It’s going to give you the ultimate discount for the hottest videos online featuring sexy amateur women who are double clicking their mouse for the camera if you know what I mean.

Not only are you going to get a front row seat to the most intimate moments of these gorgeous babes, but you will be completely jazzed to learn that every video here is fully produced by women. To me, that adds a whole new level of excitement, to know that as you’re watching these babes bring themselves to orgasm, there is another hot babe watching as the action unfolded, undoubtedly getting as wet watching as you are getting hard! You even get access to live cam shows so you can see just how hot it is to watch them in real time!

Fun loving Nancy A works it for the camera

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Oct 062018

Burning hot Nancy A posing at Photodromm is the best example of divine beauty on earth. Her shiny blue eyes and her free spirit, a mix of cute and sexy is all she needs to take over the world. She is wearing a pair of jeans shorts and an olive green shirt.

She bends her athletic body in a various sexy poses before she gently lifts up her shirt to free her nipples. Moments later, the shirt disappears and her amazing breasts dazzles us with their roundness and shine.

She is laughing, you can see in her look that she enjoys the attention she gets in these Photodromm Galleries. She leans on the fence and slowly takes off her shorts. Then she bends on the stairs and her pussy is right in your eyes, she is a wild and free girl who knows exactly what turns us up the most.

Would Your Father Fuck Your Girl?

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Sep 102018

Most guys would probably feel okay leaving their father and girlfriend alone together. After all, your dad is old and your girlfriend probably thinks he’s totally uncool and having sex with someone his age is gross. But what if you’re wrong? Think about it. Imagine yourself at his age with a pretty young babe in reach. If you had the opportunity to fuck a hottie like that, would you really resist? Or would you give in, go for it, and just hope you don’t get caught?

The men inside of Daddy 4K still have working cocks and they use them to penetrate the tight young pussies of their sons’ girlfriends. None of them seem to feel bad about it either. As for the girls, they enjoy all of the attention the dads are giving them while their boyfriends are distracted by computer games and buddies. The older men seem to know exactly what they need.

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Family Fun with a Genius Vibe

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Jun 262018

What I never expected was the additional entertainment value that Family Strokes brought with the sitcom feel they have created the scenes around. I would never have thought it could work with porn but it actually comes across very well and adds an additional fun and amusement value.

What is also impressive is that it is achieved without diluting the porn value at all, in fact they excel at this level too making the package rather unique and definitely worth throwing a couple of pennies at for a membership deal and the opportunity to access more content on a regular basis.

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They have all kinds of family theme scenes too like holidays. Thanks giving and Christmas are particularly festive events in these step-family households, that’s for sure.

The quality is great, the models are attractive and actually bring some acting skills to the party which aren’t completely lame. Good fun all ’round.

At First I Was Like…

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Apr 192018

When my eyes got caught on this stunning young lady I was sitting here thinking just how lucky she was to be blessed with such incredible looks. It’s not like good looks are completely uncommon and when it comes to the entertainment industry then it is in fact quite abundant but every now and again someone like this beauty comes by that just really does it for me. I’m sure you know what I mean.

It was while I was thinking how fortunate she is when it struck me just how fortunate we are that she’s so openly and freely sharing her beauty with us. If it wasn’t for her free spirit and sexual liberty I would never have had the opportunity to admire her or adjust this raging boner under my desk.

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